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    What did you have for tonight? We enjoyed local mussels with bacon, leeks & cider followed by pasta with spinach, pesto, tomatoes & olives in the with a ! Join us tomorrow!

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    My self motivation speach 

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    Camel valley tour and tasting. Fantastic

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    It’s one thing having a couple of vegan & vegetarian wines on your list as a nod to changing consumer behaviour, it’s quite another to switch your entire 19m litres of production over to vegan-friendly. But that's what @CrameleRecasEU has done. Here's why 

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    Sparkling wine - the secrets out! English sparkling wine producer Hilary Waller of gives us a fizzy education 

  6. Pictures in the vineyard with jojothephotographer @SharphamWines today. Shared with a low flying and a beautiful winding River Dart. @ Sharpham Wine and Cheese 

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  8. Does need sub-zones to bring new life to its wines?  Good insight raising questions

  9. Saw it in the Green Room at National Jazz and Blues Festival, Richmond with all the performers.....

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    Plymouth Sutton and Devonport MP @LukePollard promoted to his first shadow ministerial post: now Shadow Minister for Fisheries, Flooding and Water. @PlymouthLabour

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    Beautiful Royal William Yard building becomes Plymouth's newest hotel at @Urban_Splash 's Royal William Yard 

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    In Romania we produce a that is both dry and mineral in taste. Learn more about the variation within the grape here. @WineFolly @Waitrose 

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    The latest Great British Wine round-up is here, including still with @DOUBLE_HEDGES, @Greyfriarsvine, @AstleyVineyard, @dalwoodwine, @LymeBayWineLtd & more! 

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    Just a quick reminder to book ahead if visiting us over the next few months, things are looking extremely busy and we’d hate for you to miss out!

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    Just in today, 'Jim the Fisherman' by Plymouth's Robert Lenkiewicz, acquired by the owner in 1978 from the artist, first time on the market, estimate £1,500, auction 8th August @WOInPlymouth @WMNNews